Frequently Asked Questions


What is polished concrete?

Polishing concrete requires a mechanical  process in which the concrete is ground and polished with diamond-coated pads. It also requires a chemical process in which a penetrant known as densifier reacts with the concrete to harden the surface.  Concrete polishing is  labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring a trained professional.  But the end result is a beautiful and long-lasting finish that is well worth the effort.

Is polished concrete slick?

Polished concrete can be finished to a very glossy sheen, giving it an appearance of being wet.  However, it is not slick or slippery.

How durable is polished concrete?

If cared for properly, polished concrete can last over 50 years - much longer than other flooring products or coatings such as epoxy.

How should polished concrete be maintained?

Due to the polishing and densification processes, polished concrete floors are extremely durable and lifetime upkeep is very low.  They are easier to maintain than many other types of flooring because they do not require waxing or sealing.  Polished concrete simply requires regular sweeping and mopping using a pH-neutral cleaner.